J&H-W brings a fresh approach to the management
of governance, risk and regulatory issues facing financial services firms.

We work closely with our clients, primarily in the insurance, banking/mortgage and asset management sectors to bring the benefits of our knowledge and contacts to each and every engagement.

We maintain a close, ongoing dialogue with the Regulators, both PRA and FCA, major trade associations and
our network to enable us to bring expert, topical and practical advice to resolving increasingly complex

We pride ourselves on providing pragmatic solutions for firms whilst maintaining a business focus,
thereby adding value to our clients. Our independence from any potential Conflicts of Interest that
may arise in more diverse firms enables us to address issues frankly with clients and provides
assurance on the integrity of our work to the Regulators.

A typical client comment is:

We chose J&H-W because they are a specialist in their field, they bring a level of independent pragmatism not

evidenced with others to whom we spoke and have evidenced their commitment to the client relationship by the level

of engagement they have had with us.

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